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About Airvoice Enterprise

Airvoice enterprise is an ISO 9001-2015 certified CE Certificate, Quality control, UASL, Quality management-certificate, MSME registered, startup India registered, an anti-radiation company located in Hyderabad, India. We are the top and largest manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, and importers of bio-energetic and high anti radiation products like bio energy card, anti-radiation chip, gas safety devices...etc. across India. The products we offer are remarkably appreciated and loved by our numerous customers across the globe for their performance, lastingness, low cost of maintenance, reliability, and durability.

We have been examining the effect of different Natural, Environmental and Man-made radiations. Thus, invented solutions to improve the health limitations of those affected by Electromagnetic frequency(EMF) radiation emitted from electrical devices. Because of this, we came up with top-notch products to amend the effects of these noxious radiations in our working and living environment.

With our products, we try our best to secure the ultimate well-being of our clients by providing you with quality products that safeguard you against harmful radiations from Electronic devices. Through our numerous research analysis about how radiation emitted from computers, mobile phone, hair dryers, Wi-Fi routers and other related electrical gadgets can be inhibited. We have created amazing products which protects you against harmful radiations from electronic devices.

At AIRVOICE ENTERPRISE,We are known for our invariable and quality standard products, so we specifically design and produce the offered range of products using approved raw material with the aid of cutting-edge technology in cohesion with the international quality standard. Also, our products are available in various spec according to the specific need of our client at a cheap price.

The Airvoice anti radiation chip and bioenergy card is being purchased by individuals for their family, friend and loved ones and also by corporations for their workers and sometimes as gifts for their customers.




A recent survey in India came to know that nearly 2500 Adult and Children hospitalized every year suffers from Brain Tumor which is caused by environmental Hazards such as Exposure to Certain Rays and Harmful Radiation.
Because of this AIRVOICE ENTERPRISES found a long-lasting solution to fix this problem. We are serving our client adroitly owing to our extensive market intelligence and industrial experience. We have a very devoted and intimate relationship with our customers which helps us to understand their exact needs and find ways to accomplish them. Furthermore, we try our possible best to provide our incomparable products at the cheapest rate.
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